You Are Telepathic


Have you ever heard your phone ring and immediately thought of someone only to find, when you answered, the person you thought of was on the other end of the line calling you? Or perhaps you have had an urge to do something that you resisted, but found out later from people it would have impacted, that it would have been exactly the right thing to do with fantastic results.

We are all telepathic. But while we were small children we learnt to ignore this. Those around us taught us to do so. We were told not to tell lies or that we had too much imagination and to be quiet. I certainly was told these things and so I learnt to not share and to internalise it all as imaginings or just my own thoughts.

Our insistence on the belief that we are closed, private individuals or units, has inhibited our awareness of our telepathic communications. We are unaware to the point where we do not know and therefore do not care what we are communicating telepathically. We are unaware which of our experiences are created by what we receive via telepathic pathways from others.

If we were to state that ‘We are telepathic beings’, that we are capable of receiving information through communication with our minds and emotions. If we were to state that as a fact, then we would begin to ask the questions that would lead us to greater knowledge and understanding of who we are as a species. Continue reading “You Are Telepathic”

Incompletions and Relationships


Have you ever felt that you have just not quite finished a job you were doing? Or had a meeting with someone and gone away feeling unsure about what happened or what the next move is that you have to take. Have you ever had a dispute with someone and walked away from what had been a wonderful relationship until then? I call these experiences ‘Incompletions’. They will be a familiar experience to almost everyone and we may not understand how important they are.

These incomplete experiences happen throughout our lives and are mostly not noticed, or not paid attention to, yet go on to play a major role in our experiences with our self and with others. How you may ask? Continue reading “Incompletions and Relationships”

The Fantasy Partner in Relationships

couple-in-loveIt was quite a shock to me the day I realised that my husband was the same height and colouring as my father at about the same age! Yes, there were differences, in appearance, but now when I looked I could see so many physical attributes that were so similar. In other ways he was very different but that is not the end of the story. He was very distant at times. Perhaps it was not being able to respond to me in ways that I wanted, or not being able to identify his emotions and share them with me. There were other ways that we just seemed not on the same page. Finally our relationship floundered, broke apart and ended in divorce. I had no awareness at that time of the power of my childhood heroes and my fantasy partner. Continue reading “The Fantasy Partner in Relationships”

A Journey of Exploration

A new way of Living A new way of Being A new way of Loving

I made my way to the psychiatrist’s office knowing that my life was not working out the way I had planned it. This knowing was not a new experience.

In my great excitement to get on with life I popped out of my mother’s body two months before the world was at all ready for me. So that was quite a letdown. It was not wonderful out here and I could not get on with it. They slapped me in cotton wool and into a machine, all three pounds of me and there I stayed on my own with nothing to do for two months.

After many experiences of re-arranged kinfolk and war time anxiety, at nine I knew what I needed was a real ‘mother.’ My own mother was given marching orders years ago and I was sure that if I just had a mother like everyone else things would be fine. I would be fine. Continue reading “A Journey of Exploration”

Tolerance Levels

Tolerance Levels – Keeping Ourselves in Balance

Tolerance is a balancing act

I awoke this morning to a major realisation about my tolerance levels. My success is limited!

All that is happening is too much to tolerate. We usually think of this as relating to negative things but not so in this case. My kitchen is unbearable!

I have been given a gift of a renovated kitchen to replace the old one which was much in need of replacement. But to be given so much is intolerable for me. So I have brought about a balance. The way I have done this is to see ‘what is not right’ in glaring red lights. To find fault in what has been done, to see what still needs to be done more strongly than what has been done.

I have also spent money that is not available for the purposes I used it, thus creating problems and difficulties to be struggled with. I could have my physical body go into pain and ill health. I could create problems in my relationship with my partner and others. I could lose enthusiasm for my work. I could not meditate or be unable to enroll classes. I can destroy things I have created for presents, deeming them not good enough. I have done all of these in my lifetime and closed the door on many things. Thus creating a balance that matches my sense of what I am worth. For I consider I am not deserving of what has been given. This gift puts me out of balance, out of control. A gift too great! Continue reading “Tolerance Levels”