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Jenette Youngman

Jenette Youngman

Jenette is an experienced educator and the creator of several personal and spiritual development programs including The Master Game, Master Connections, New Pathways, Relationships, the Art of Abundance and the Completions and Listening with the Inner Ear techniques.

The innovator or ‘Mind Consciousness’ – a pathway to increased awareness and powerful living – Jenette provides workshops in:

  • Personal development
  • Meditation
  • Energy management
  • Mind Consciousness

Jenette has a wealth of experience in working with people to enhance their lives in both the personal and career areas.

Her ground work was with the raw and dynamic material of youth, using Drama as a method to teach problem solving and group co-operation for results. The outcome of this work was innovative group created theatre.

As a theatre director she preferred to work with actors, adolescent and adult, to bring forth their ideas on how a piece of work or a character should be presented, rather than impose an external interpretation. This led to exciting theatre in which all felt they had contributed to the final product.

Along with this work went studies in areas of personal development: Body Work, Breath and Energy Release, Psychodrama, Gestalt, Dynamic Meditation and a combination of spiritual ritual and consciousness raising in the American Indian tradition. Many who have worked with Jenette acknowledge that her strength, wisdom and power is that of a Shaman.

Jenette has trained extensively in the art of serving others in the administration and logistics of seminars and workshops, both as an assistant and as a participant. This experience has further extended her knowledge of teams and team management.

Jenette is very much a person with a path, a seeker of wisdom. She left school at the age of fourteen and worked in many areas of industry. She raised a family of three children. Later she returned to study as a mature age student and completed a degree in education and was a secondary school teacher for several years. She served as a leader at the Augustine Centre for Personal Growth and is a graduate of such programs as The Landmark Forum and Master Mind Training.

Studies and research into the metaphysical field, including studies in New Thought teachings with the Brooks Center for Spirituality in Denver Colorado, have added greater dimensions to her work.

The innovative processes Jenette has developed over a long period empower people in their daily lives.