You Are Telepathic


Have you ever heard your phone ring and immediately thought of someone only to find, when you answered, the person you thought of was on the other end of the line calling you? Or perhaps you have had an urge to do something that you resisted, but found out later from people it would have impacted, that it would have been exactly the right thing to do with fantastic results.

We are all telepathic. But while we were small children we learnt to ignore this. Those around us taught us to do so. We were told not to tell lies or that we had too much imagination and to be quiet. I certainly was told these things and so I learnt to not share and to internalise it all as imaginings or just my own thoughts.

Our insistence on the belief that we are closed, private individuals or units, has inhibited our awareness of our telepathic communications. We are unaware to the point where we do not know and therefore do not care what we are communicating telepathically. We are unaware which of our experiences are created by what we receive via telepathic pathways from others.

If we were to state that ‘We are telepathic beings’, that we are capable of receiving information through communication with our minds and emotions. If we were to state that as a fact, then we would begin to ask the questions that would lead us to greater knowledge and understanding of who we are as a species.

So let us state it and see what questions arise.

I am a telepathic being.

  • How do I know?
  • How does it happen?
  • What am I receiving now?
  • What am I sending now?
  • Who is receiving me?
  • How do I distinguish when I am receiving?
  • Who am I receiving?
  • How do I not receive?
  • Is it possible not to receive?
  • What does this mean about how I live my life?
  • Does it mean anything?
  • What about my relationships with others?

To explore this further we need to look to what we could call our receiving mechanism. With what do we receive? The mind, thoughts? We can listen and look into our mind. We listen to the comments, the judgements, the advice that is happening there. You are doing nothing yet ideas are just happening in your mind. You may ‘see’ pictures, people, events or actions in your mind. In our body there are sensations, feelings. What emotions are lurking in you? Knowing or intuition which some would call a gut feeling. Focus on it. What information is your intuition giving you right now?

These are not skills that just some people have as has been the belief for some time. We all are participants in this. We are creating our lives from this. We are interacting from this and yet we have learnt to keep it out of conscious awareness in order to be connected to our culture, in order to be able to survive. To not be rejected and denied the normal responses of those around us. For the most part we struggle in silence to keep all of this knowledge at bay for we have no way to cope for we do not have, at hand, a way to understand and live with it.

Many people who have what they term telepathic-communication-headerpsychic experiences, either suddenly or perhaps regularly, but have known it was not acceptable in the culture have a hard time knowing what to do – how to make sense of experiences that make no sense in our belief systems about what we are as human beings.

We own what we listen to in the telepathic realm. We then find ourselves attempting to deal with it. Now, if we pick up and own material or information that assists us to create lives that are happier, more fulfilling for ourselves and others then that is good, we have used the material well. But much of what is out on the telepathic airwaves is not like that. It is telling us how unworthy, how failed, how not up to it we are.

We hear and believe what we perceive to be ourselves. We attach to it. Gather it into our bosom and say, “This is me!” This belief that we are thinking — that we are private, that what is in our head belongs to us, is commenting on us, is telling the truth about us — brings about our distress and struggle.

So we need to begin a process of education, of exploration in this area if we are to allow into fuller expression the beings that we are. Perhaps we may even find new ways to attend to some of the distress we, as a species, experience in life. We will have to see what comes of greater consciousness for it will take some time, some effort on our parts, to bring it about. But what it will take beyond all is the willingness to bring forth a new order of human being, beginning first of all with ourselves. We will need to admit what the new sciences are telling us – that we are all connected.

Are we willing at the personal level to explore a new way of being, a new way of understanding who we are, that will have us know our connection to each other in ways that make the idea of private individual obsolete? Are we willing to partake in creating a world that is working together and has a chance of peace, if not in our time then for our children’s and grandchildren’s time.

If you would like to learn more about research being conducted on this topic you may like to check out the work of IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences).